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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

For Promotion

“For promotion, city now requires proof of ‘model son or daughter’” read the headline of an article in the Monday 20 November 2006 Shanghai Daily. For a promotion, officials in a number of cities and/or counties in China must prove that they care sufficiently for their family members. The government will interview family, friends and neighbors to assess the level of family responsibility.

We could look at this as a structural means for enforcing Confucianism and respect for the elderly. In fact, the filial piety was a criterion for selection as early as the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 200 AD). However, the quote from the local Party secretary is intriguing, “If a candidate is found to be cold-hearted and neglectful of his parents, we could not consider him a responsible official.”

Is the implication that a person, who is cold-hearted and neglectful of those most close to him, will be cold-hearted and neglectful of everyone? Or is the assumption that being irresponsible in one area of life means a high likelihood of irresponsibility in others?

In coaching, there is a widely held assumption that what shows up in your life, shows up in your work. While caring for parents is not evaluated for promotion in western firms, as a candidate for promotion, a manager or an interviewer consider the elements of life that may be reflected in work.

  • Do you follow through on all of your commitments?
  • Do you consistently seek new challenges and opportunities?
  • Do you show respect for others, always?
  • Have you spent time to understand the point of view of others you interact with?
  • Have you found ways to give to others?

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