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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Everyday, we take steps forward. Sometimes they are as large as a promotion, as useful as paying the bills or as significant as spending focused time with a loved one. What might be the outcome of celebrating a daily win?

When we celebrate,
  • the negative is diminished, the positive is magnified

  • successful behaviors are reinforced

  • dopamines, released in the brain, bring calm and enhance our emotional well-being

  • our perspective is focused on more, rather than less

  • neural connections build and strengthen in support of the new ways of thinking and acting

Here are simple ways to increase the celebration in your life.

  1. Start a routine of sharing a win within your family or team everyday. Cheering, clapping and a few "whoo-hoo's" will improve everyone's sense of well-being.

  2. Keep a daily reflection journal including that which you are grateful for, along with the win for the day.

  3. Set aside a few minutes to reflect on what you have achieved each day.

  4. Include rewards and celebrations for each step along the path to a major goal.

  5. Be sure to involve others in acknowledging your big wins.

Rewards do not need to be big - a 5 minute break in the sun, a fresh cup of coffee, a call to a friend, a piece of cake, or a cheer. Taking the step, making progress, celebrating each success keeps you focused and energized on the bigger goal.

So what's your win and how can we help you celebrate?

Please post a comment on your win today and join us in celebrating others!

My win? I have completed all of the requirements for Certified Professional Coach status from International Coach Academy. A big accomplishment gets a big celebration! Mine was traveling in Yunnan for 5 days with a friend and then exploring new parts of Shanghai with her.

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