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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Personal Trainers and Coaches

The coaching literature abounds with, and the coaching courses require an answer to the question, “why get a coach?” I have recently seen lists of over 100 reasons ranging from “being really listened to” to “moving me forward in achieving my dreams”.

If having a coach is such a wonderful thing, then why is there hesitancy in hiring a coach? Why does it seem so challenging to commit the time and money to a coaching agreement?

For those of us who make conscious decisions on every purchase, the answer might seem easy. It just seems like too much money. The value is too difficult to define in relation to the cost.

I am not convinced that money is the main issue. I argue that the main inhibitor to coaching is satisfaction with the status quo. Status quo covers a range of inhibitors from “I can do this myself”, “I have friends who will listen”, and “I get plenty of advice at home”. It also covers more deeply held beliefs such as “I’m not good enough”, “what if I fail”, “I should be able to do this on my own”, and even “what if I get what I want and I find that I didn’t really want it”.

How many have a personal trainer? A few of my friends are in tremendous physical condition. However, most of us could use some shaping up, whether it is building muscle, trimming waistlines, or increasing stamina. We know that we will likely achieve more with the personal trainer. We know that a personal trainer will hold us to a higher standard than we hold ourselves. The trainer will stretch our muscles further than we can ourselves. The trainer will ask for another 5 reps when we might have stopped. Yikes! The trainer may really make us work! Hum, maybe we are in good enough shape already. We just need to get to the gym a little more often.

...and how long does that resolution last?

The trainer will hold you to a higher standard and help you get in better shape more quickly. The schedule and commitment to the trainer will ensure that the resolution lasts.

Similarly, a coach will challenge you to reach your highest potential. The coach will help you surface the beliefs that are holding you back. The coach will challenge you to make five more sales calls, write two chapters or have that conversation you have been putting off.

I wonder, are you ready to throw aside the status quo? Are you ready to tackle that dream you have been holding inside? Are you ready to tackle the frustrations that have been nagging at you and draining your energy? What value would you get from coaching if you could change the balance between the things you want to have more of in your life and the things you want less of? That would be the value of the coaching. Is it worth it?

If you think it might be, give me a call to set up a complimentary coaching session to start you on your journey to change the status quo.


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