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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Turbulence and Agility

An estimated 60% of industries are deemed to be turbulent compared to 20% three decades ago. Turbulence is defined in industries where there are dramatic changes in the profit pool or the "rules of the game" are changing rapidly. (The Secret to Growth? First, Define Your Core by Chris Zook, Bain & Co)

More than 80% of American executives believe the pace of change is increasing around the globe. (AMA’s 2006 Agility and Resilience Survey Reveals the Effects of Change on Business)

What then are the lessons for companies, managers and individuals to succeed in such environments?
  • Know your strengths as a company, manager and individual
    • Understand how these strengths add value to your organization, clients, and customers
    • Understand what differentiators these strengths provide to you
    • Evaluate and take action on ways to leverage your strength in the interest of your organization, clients and customers
    • Determine the ways or circumstances in which the strength becomes a weakness
    • Put systems, structures or people in place to mitigate the weakness
  • Invest in learning
    • Stay on top of changes in your industry
    • Travel and consider how different solutions to everyday problems might be applied in your industry
    • Look for innovations in other industries and consider what can be leveraged from your strengths
  • Stay agile
    • Keeping the pipeline full of business ideas,
    • Maintaining a personal network
    • Be prepared to execute on Plan B
When the world is changing at an ever accelerating pace, when companies like Google can generate revenue per employee at rates twice as high as companies like Microsoft, Intel and Cisco (Our Challenge Is Change, Not Globalization by Rich Karlgaard), when the rules of the game organizationally and personally are being rewritten annually, only the agile will keep on top of the game.

- What step could you take to improve your agility? -

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