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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

See Jane Lead

In a break from her earlier books, Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office and Nice Girls Don't Get Rich, Lois P. Frankel focuses her new book, See Jane Lead on strategies to take charge.

Between the two earlier books, Dr. Frankel outlined 176 mistakes women make in pursuing their professional and financial goals. The coaching tips in both these books are quite informative, and no doubt that Dr. Frankel's clients have greatly benefited from her coaching and books. Yet a focus on mistakes is counter to the latest understanding of how change occurs. A focus on what is wrong tends to reinforce the wiring in our brain (the neural connections) that is established around that habitual behavior.

The new book, See Jane Lead, begins each section with a reinforcement of where the skill area is already being used. Dr. Frankel goes on to point out the similarities among these behaviors that demonstrate an established and useful skill set. The bulk of the chapter looks at how to build on the existing skill sets through examples of theory and practice. Each chapter ends with detailed coaching tips. As with all her books, Dr. Frankel provides plenty of anecdotes demonstrating how women have made successful changes.

The book is focused around the following skill areas:
  • Balancing strategy and tactics
  • Taking calculated risks
  • Influencing with and without authority
  • Coaching others to achieve their best
  • Leading teams
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence and Likability
  • Leading your own Enterprise
Dr. Frankel ends the book with a chapter aimed at both men and women on raising daughters to lead. Some of the areas she cites are honoring your daughter's unique gifts, instilling a competitive spirit, encouraging financial independence, and model the way.

Understanding where you currently stand on a behavior, how you will benefit from modifying the behavior, and the consequences of not doing so, are key steps to bringing about successful change. See Jane Lead starts with a self-assessment to establish both strengths and the most significant area for improvement. The book would be strengthened with a chapter, or section at the end of each chapter, which led the reader through an action planning process around change.

All of us can benefit from enhancing our skills in the seven areas listed above. Whether you are a professional woman, or a father seeking ways to support his wife or daughter, this book contains excellent coaching tips on taking charge at work.

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