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Friday, October 12, 2007

Reinventing Office Politics

I've posted a number of times on Organizational Politics, and watch closely for new information on the topic. Gill Corkindale recently posted Reinventing Office Politics on the Harvard Business Online. She reiterates the position that negative (manipulative, self-serving) politics is to be avoided. Positive politics (understanding other's motivations, influencing with integrity) are an integral part of succeeding at senior levels of most organizations.

She highlights the following tips for employing positive politics:

• Learn the system and work around it
• Cultivate relationships with the right people
• Understand individual agendas
• Act in a principled way
• Develop a network of information sources
• Avoid making enemies
• Build support for constructive ideas
• Build a personal reputation
• Treat everyone fairly
• Influence rather than using direct authority
• Learn how to steer meetings
• Negotiate in tough situations
• Manage conflict

For more on this topic, see some of my earlier postings:

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