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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Facing the Facebook, or not?

Social networking has quickly become mainstream when it's spotlighted in a short time frame by such venerable institutions as Harvard Business Review and Newsweek, not to mention being the topic of a panel discussion at a recent Forbes conference. The question is how will social networking sites change the world of work and how companies manage themselves.

Tom Davenport at Why Facebook and MySpace Won't Change The Workplace summarizes his position on Harvard Business Online with "In short, I’m still pulling for social networks to revolutionize companies, but I still don’t think that they will. The transformation of enterprises by Enterprise 2.0 is a romantic notion, but not a very likely one."

Charlene Li in Why Your Company Needs to Be on Facebook takes the opposite view that business is about relationships, and so "Your customers, prospects, and employees are exploring and extending their relationships there. Some of you will be bolder in creating business value in these networks while others will wait for the pioneers to carve out the paths. But ignore these new communities only if you believe your customers are not there – and there are few instances where this will be the case."

The challenge for me is that there are only so many hours a day to make calls, meet people, read email, blog, write, and work. While I'm on LinkedIn, I'm struggling with the ROI. At the end of the day, will I get the value out of and can I face adding more time online by trying to keep a Facebook page up to date?

What are your views?


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