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Friday, January 11, 2008

Building HR Skills

What do you read to stay current in the areas of Human Resources?

Dear HR Reader,

Congratulations to you in recognizing the need to stay fresh and current in this field. First, if you haven't yet read, the book that should be on every HR shelf is Human Resources Champion by David Ulrich.

Ulrich is the leading thinker in Human Resource Management and provides a strong model for building and executing human resources strategies that support the delivery of business results.

The Society for Human Resource Management is a very strong HR organization that is slowly expanding their presence from just the US into some of the rapidly developing markets. You can find them at www.shrm.org; and if you qualify for an international membership, it provides full access to all of the online materials.

The Human Capital Institute www.humancapitalinstitute.org has a lot of information and webcasts available with the free community membership.

Workforce Management at www.workforce.com provides a free and paid memberships with up to date information and practices. You'll find quarterly articles on this site by Ulrich; the most recent being The New HR Organization.

Susan Heathfield publishes a weekly e-newsletter with a huge range of topics. You can find this at humanresources.about.com.

You can stay current on global employment laws by subscribing to updates through Baker & McKenzie at www.bakernet.com/BakerNet/Practice/Employment/default.htm. For more in-depth articles on global employment law, see the publications by Donald Dowling of White and Case at www.whitecase.com/publications/List.aspx?Professionals=8f1e98b7-575d-41e6-b6f1-05bc9daa24ad&year=2007.

Hewitt will deliver various alerts and research reports into your inbox with subscriptions at www.hewittassociates.com/Intl/NA/en-US/KnowledgeCenter/ArticlesReports/Articles.aspx; and a subscription to news alerts from Mercer can be subscribed to at secure.mercer.com/registerEvent.jhtml?idContent=1197210.

For a broader strategic perspective, email updates are available from Harvard Business Review Online and INSEAD, not to mention publications like Business Week.

Evil HR Lady has a great blog going at www.evilhrlady.blogspot.com.

And for a continual refresher on management tools, take a free or paid subscription to www.mindtools.com.

What do you read to keep current on management and HR issues?


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