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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Measuring Engagement - a humorous look

In Beat the Odds: Avoid Corporate Death and Build a Resilient Enterprise by Robert A. Rudzki proposes a tongue-in-cheek measurement of employee engagement. You may want to do a quick survey of your workplace to see what this looks like for you...

The "Take This Job, Please" Index

On a humorous note, one of my former colleagues suggested a new index as a true leading indicator of employee alignment, commitment, and morale. It was to be based on the prevalence of office lottery pools. The suggested title was "Take This Job, Please"--a more refined form of the reaction to be expected from someone who had just won the big one. The TTJP Index would be measured by the number of office lottery pools established when lottery prizes exceeded a predetermined level--$50 million, say. Two or more office workers pooling their purchase of lottery tickets would constitute one office pool. The metric is particularly interesting in a multifloor office building or a multibuilding office campus. If you noticed a growing number of lottery pools at your organization, what might that indicate? After some watercooler debate, a refinement was suggested for the TTJP metric. Add this additional dimension: After the participants of a lottery pool are notified (by e-mail or phone) to contribute their share for the next round of the lottery, how much time elapses before the first person shows up with cash in fist? The metric and its analytical conclusions could be tabulated as follows:

First Person Arrives >> Comment

(a) Next day: >> Not to worry.

(b) Within one hour: >> You have reason for concern.

(c) Within 10 minutes: >> Your employees are desperate to get out.

(d) The participants prepay: >> Don't you wish your employees were similarly energized and committed to your company?

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