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Monday, May 18, 2009

Seven Career Derailers

"What is a career derailer?" you ask. Imagine if you will a train_accident.jpgsuccessful professional, receiving promotions and raises with incredible frequency. The titles get better and a team leader role follows. Then a manager, and a department manager. And then something happens. Questions begin to be asked about whether she can build a team, whether he can think strategically, whether she has what it takes. That fast track career has stalled, or worse yet, fallen off the tracks - a career derailed. This set of seven behaviors are among the ones most commonly seen in derailing a career.
  • Believing that skill and results are the sole keys to success
  • Being arrogant and not open to feedback, introspection and personal growth
  • Consistently acknowledging yourself for the successes and blaming others for the failures
  • Failing to staff and develop a strong team
  • Lack of composure
  • Unwilling to adapt to change and compromise
  • Inability to develop a strong professional network, internal and external to the organization

Research indicates that leaders who are open to feedback, introspection and personal growth can, and do, learn to overcome these potential career stallers.



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