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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

5 C's of Change

People resist change.

How many times have you heard that said? Or said it yourself?

Let’s look at the truth of this statement in the lives of people around you. While some people grow up, live and die in the same home. Many, if not most, change homes, change towns, change jobs, change their marital status, have kids, adopt new technologies, evolve their clothing and hairstyles, bring new foods and eating habits into their lives, take on new sports, try out new hobbies, etc. We do change. Sometimes the change is forced upon us, but in these cases, most of the change is chosen.

The issue in the workplace is not the people resist change, it’s that they resist being changed. So what’s a leader to do?

1. Clarity – Be clear on the desired outcome and communicate it over, and over, and over again. Allow discussions on what is right about today, as well as what is wrong, even as you focus attention on the future.

2. Control – Delegate it to the affected groups with boundary conditions, suggested paths, and support. Command and control doesn’t work; only a sincere option of allowing people to be involved and able to affect the outcome.

3. Conflict – Become adept at surfacing the disagreements and accepting them as feedback that will support getting to the best possible outcome.

4. Canvass – Look for people and groups that are experimenting with the change. Allow them to participate in prototypes and trials. Engage them in talking with other parts of the organization. Assist them in evolving their design rapidly and building momentum.

5. Consistency –Too often our words as leaders are betrayed by our actions. Strive to be a model of the desired change, and when you err, admit your blunders.

Pundits argue about whether the pace of change will slow down as the economy improves or whether the pace will continue to accelerate into the future. Whatever your perspective on the pace and magnitude of change, what leaders know is that it is their job to identify, support, lead and sometimes push change.

By keeping an eye on the 5 C’s of Change, this job will be less of a struggle, and more engaging for the leaders and the employees.

Read Solutions Group focuses on the leadership skills that deliver business results in changing organizations. Sherry is highly skilled at transforming leaders who are successful and stuck, into ones who are confident, capable and moving forward.

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