Leadership Solutions from Read Solutions Group: Featured in Delaware Today - Women Today Supplement

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Featured in Delaware Today - Women Today Supplement

An excerpt from the issue ....

Be a Better worker

The glass ceiling. Dress for success. Gender
equality. Over the past 50 years, women
have learned a lot of buzzwords surrounding
women in the workplace. But even with all the
books, articles and workshops, many women
still find it challenging to navigate the workplace
with ease. A change in approach can
work wonders.

  • Realize that your work won’t speak foritself. You need to speak for it. “Talk about what you’re doing,” says Sherry Read of ReadSolutions Group (readsolutionsgroup.com).“Make sure people see your success.”
  • Be more assertive but politically astute.When you ask for what you want, find out how it will benefit the other person, Read says. If you receive the account, promotion or new assistant, how will that help the companyor your boss? “Men seem to understand that there are tradeoffs,” Read says. “There’s a price to be paid.” Learn to negotiate. Toomany times a woman will take a job without negotiating salary, benefits or vacation, notes Judy Czyzewski, ex-officio of Wilmington Women in Business, a support and networking organization. A man, however, often plays hardball.
  • Don’t bring your personal life to work. Never whine about a family situation. Ask for what you need, such as time to care for a sick child, but tell your boss how you will compensate the company for the time you’re away from work, such as working from home or putting in the extra hours when the child is well, Read says.
  • Find a way to respect colleagues you don’t like. If you can respect them, you can work together, Read says.
  • Learn and network. “You can really garner support. ‘We can do this together,’” Czyzewski says. For information on WWB, visit wwb.org.


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